Inspection Services

Inspection Services

At kg Engineering, we perform Residential and Commercial inspection services for new construction and existing buildings. We offer visual inspection of all visible components from the foundation to the roof. Our highly skilled staff has the knowledge to effectively assess the conditions of the property and render and engineering opinion on the performance of the observed systems.

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

We provide our clients with an understanding of the conditions of a residential or commercial property for consideration or for purchase. This type of inspection considers aspects of the accessible foundation, roof, structure, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and maintenance conditions so that the client can make an informed purchase.

Structural Inspections

We offer structural inspections that type typically includes evaluation of the foundation, roof, structure, and maintenance conditions of property inspected; however, the scope of this inspection can be customized and limited to make the best use of time and resources to meet our clients specific needs.

New Construction

We perform now construction inspections that are informative and cost effective by inspection series broken down into separate phased during the construction of the building. The sequence of inspections are generally broken down as; foundation inspection, framing inspection, and inspection of the finished construction at the final walk through stage. We also offer inspection and consulting services at any stage of construction upon request. Contact us for more information.

Foundation Inspection

We provide an opinion of the performance and need for repair of a building’s foundation based upon measurements made at the foundation and structure and visual inspection of the structure. Additionally, we provide information on maintaining the foundation to assist in improving or maintaining future performance of the foundation.

Addition Inspections

  • Pool: We perform pool inspections to check the components of the pool, including the basin and plaster finish, waterline tiles, coping tiles, pool sweep, skimmers, electrical, visible plumbing, filter, heater, blower, and water features.
  • Spa: We perform spa inspection to check the components of the spa, including the basin, skimmer, electrical, heater, visible plumbing, and filter equipment.
  • Sprinkler: We perform sprinkler inspection as requested to supplement the building inspections. We check the sprinkler system including the control panel, each sprinkler head in each zone, and backflow prevention device.