Forensic Engineering


kg Engineering performs structural evaluations of damage to foundations and buildings from flood waters. We perform forensic services to determine whether the structure was damaged by forces associated with hydrostatic and hydrodynamic effects of floodwaters or scoured and eroded foundation soils caused by floodwaters.


kg Engineering offers expert opinion as to whether damages are attributable to wind, water, surge, tornado, construction defects or long term neglect.


Water infiltration can lead to mold growth, and can compromise the structural integrity of a building, leading to eventual failure. Moisture intrusion investigation is of the utmost importance for building envelope, which includes the roof system and exterior walls, be provided proper water control and management systems in order to prevent water infiltration and accumulation.

The proper design, construction, and maintenance of water management details pertaining to building envelope assemblies requires careful consideration and a conscious awareness of the interaction between water or moisture and building components and an adequate plan of action to ensure the long-term durability of the framing system.

Additionally, exterior walls, along with their key exterior envelope components, must be designed, constructed, and maintained properly to ensure prevention of unwanted water infiltration and prolonged moisture.  Again, there must be an emphasis on the proper integration of the exterior cladding with weather-resistive barriers, flashings, and sealants to direct leaking water down and away from the wall framing, where it could potentially cause serious issues.

kg Engineering performs origination and moisture source investigations ie. a weather event, ground water, air conditioning system, plumbing, improper ventilation, condensation, construction defects or a long-term maintenance issue. kg Engineering supplies highly-qualified and experienced team of waterproofing experts work closely with owners, developers, contractors, and design professional to advise on waterproofing systems and solutions that meet—or exceed—expectations for performance, cost and maintenance.


kg Engineering has many years of experience in structural design and construction in Texas and neighboring states. We bring a tremendous breadth of forensics experience to bear on structural damage investigations.

From design defects, to floor deflection, and foundation movement, our team of seasoned engineers is uniquely qualified to evaluate and diagnose structural issues.

kg Engineering provides commercial and residential foundation inspections and assessments. Our engineers access crawl spaces to assess the conditions of piers and beam framing systems.

Having a foundation inspection performed by an experienced structural engineer will with help you to understand the real causes behind the damage and provide recommendations for remediation.


Our licensed engineers evaluate roof damage to determine if it is related to storm damage (wind, hail, etc.), improper installation, lack of maintenance, damage enhancement, end of useful life of materials or other contributing factors. We also assist with contractor estimate reviews and repair recommendations.

kg Engineering has in-depth knowledge of roofing system and roofing surfacing; from low-slope roofs to shingles and tiles, our engineers know the difference between damage, defects, and age-related failures. Our engineers inspect attic spaces for further clues to a roof’s condition, construction and leak history.

Having inspected several roofs, we have discovered one of the most important building envelope is the roof covering.  A roof covering protects the building components and provides energy savings through the use of insulation. We provide roof-consulting services for residential and commercial buildings, including quality assurance and forensic inspections.

Improper roof installation can lead to major roof failures, costing owners or insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.  These types of issues can be avoided if a quality assurance inspection is performed during the initial phases of a roof installation.  Additionally, when performed as part of an annual maintenance program these inspections can prolong the service life of a roof.


kg Engineering is knowledgeable in a broad range of construction issues, including design defects, product specification, and code compliance. From stucco failures to truss defects, our expert forensics engineers are qualified to examine and evaluate construction-related issues.